Tubular elasticity fixation bandages

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There is no need to wind, they don't slide and don't stick!

Products for medical application "Tubular netlike elasticity fixation bandages" are used for soft, quick, secure and safe fixation of bandages and compresses on injured body areas. They replace gauze bandages and adhesive plasters. They don't prevent normal blood circulation, don't restrict joint movements, don't prevent skin ventilation in injured areas.
Preserve Preserve bandaging materials and time! Reduce financial costs!
Apply gauze over the affected area of the body, which is fixed with elastic netlike bandage. Elastic bandage securely fix gauze for a few days. Thus, the elastic netlike bandages save bandaging materials and time, and significantly reduce the financial costs!

We produce "Tubular netlike elasticity fixation bandages" of various types and sizes:
Type depends on the used materials:
Type-1 : cotton 50%, latex thread of 50%.
Type-2 : polyester 50%, latex thread of 50%.
Type-3 : polyamide 50%, latex thread of 50%.
1m. for bandage on fingers;
3m. for bandage on shoulder, forearm, wrist, elbow, knee and ankle joints, leg, foot, children's hips;
5m. for bandage on shoulder, forearm, knee, shin, thigh, neck and head;
7m. for bandage on head , hip , chest and torso.
15 m., 25 m. ready for use.
50 m., 100 m., 300 m., 500 m. can be cut by consumer into required stretches.

Easy! Quick! Comfortable! Reliable!

Tubular netlike elastic bandages - is the best choice for bandaging at medical institutions and at home!

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